Why should I apply for a loan from online banks.


In recent years, a phenomenon has been taking place in the banking world that is slowly acquiring more and more loyal people: that of online banks. These are banks, equipped with all the tools and services of a traditional bank, but with the difference that full online operations are guaranteed (although in many cases it is possible to go to the branch anyway).

Everything takes place online, resulting in lower costs and greater advantage for customers. Among the services that can be obtained in an online bank there are also those of personal loans. Let’s find out which are the most convenient loans from online banks taking into consideration both foreign banks such as Spin Lender and Italian ones such as Infrabank.

When they happen in collaboration with financials

When they happen in collaboration with financials

One of the most used online bank loans is Infrabank! It allows the customer to obtain up to 30,000 USD refundable up to a maximum of 84 months. The special feature of Infrabank’s personal loan! is to be created in collaboration with the financial Copy Lender. As an indication, on an average loan of $ 5,000, rates are APR at 11.29% inclusive of interest and Fixed TAN at 9.49%.

Continuing our overview of online bank loans, we can remember that of Cream Bank!. The online bank of Across Lender, Lite Lender Company group offers customers different types of personal loans: one of the most interesting is the Hello loan! Project, which can be requested and obtained entirely online, through a digital signature. The advantage over other loans is that it is very fast and effective.

Most popular

Most popular

One of the most popular online bank loans is the “Orange Loan”, a personal loan made available by the Spin Lender online bank that allows maximum flexibility, with the possibility of disbursing amounts from 3,000 to 30,000 USD repayable with personalized plans. from 12 to 84 monthly installments.

In addition, this type of online loan does not entail ancillary costs for the customer (for example, opening and management of the file, stamp duties, etc.) and has rates all in all on average: on an amount of 10,000 USD the fixed Tan is at 7, 95 and the Taeg at 8.36%.

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